KSAN FM 1980 The Good Dr. and More

The first clip features the famed Dr. Demento on his KSAN FM show from the spring of 1980. The good doctor began his comedy show on free form KPPC FM in Los Angeles in 1970.  He was a musicologist with a vast knowledge and collection of comedy records. During the time of this show he was doing three shows. One live on KMET FM Los Angeles, one taped for national syndication and the last taped for KSAN FM.

KSAN FM in San Francisco was of course one of the pioneering FM free form stations in the country  and you also hear a short bit from a call in show at the end of the clip.

The good doctor has a web site where you can listen to many past shows and also stream the latest version.

The second clip features what I believe was a retrospective show heard on KSAN  ( date unknown but perhaps from 1974 based on the rerelease of the Jefferson Airplane song). You will briefly hear  Tom Donahue who was the founder of the station and  who  passed away in 1975 plus some other content. The station would unfortunately change formats by the end of 1980.




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