Los Angeles AM/FM Harve Moore & Jimmy Rabbit

An exceptional double play from the AM and FM sides of the dial in Los Angeles.

The first clip is the prequel to an air check already posted to the site featuring Humble Harve on KHJ from February 3, 1967 ( thanks to reader /listener Mike Hagerty for pining down that date). A fabulous selection of songs, ads and newscast featured on a station with a top 40 format in it’s prime. Interesting that it’s the only the second day that “hit bound” Penny Lane by the Beatles is played on the station, having been obtained a day earlier.

The second clip continues our series of Jimmy Rabbit air checks from free form and alternative KROQ. The set is from Nov. 1976 and features an eclectic set of music and Jimmy’s inimitable style. Nice to hear Neil Young’s “See The Sky About to Rain” from the original Byrd’s reunion album  from 1973 with Gene Clark taking the lead.



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