Gary Storm WUWU FM

Have been doing some revisions in the Oil of Dog Corner and have gone back to recordings that were previously uploaded and found additional content or have added a bit of noise reduction. I made the original recordings on slow speed reel to reel to capture as many hours as possible but to the detriment of the sound quality. The advantage was that a fair number of shows have been preserved.

Each of the above “revised” clips opens with a set of comedy and also includes a diverse set of music by  Nick Drake, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, The Go Go’s, Kajagoogoo, Phillip Glass, Weird Al,  Alice Cooper and more. Also a nice station ID from an unknown female announcer at 12:40 of the second clip.  Visit the OIL of Dog Corner to hear more from a show that was amazingly available on commercial radio during the early 1980’s.

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