Jackson Armstrong Dec 1967 & Jim LaBarbara Jan 1968 WKYC Cleveland

Interesting tape featuring Jack Armstrong near the end of his tenure at  Cleveland’s WKYC. This may have been recorded on December 9, 1967. He used the name Big Jack on the station due to the fact that the name Jackson Armstrong was still owned by his previous station WIXY Cleveland.

After Big Jack you will hear Jim LaBarbara, starting at  8:25, doing his last show on WKYC ( January 27, 1968). The station was about to tweak it’s format and launch “Power Radio” and some of the staff was leaving including LaBarbara and Armstrong.

Starting at 32:06 you will hear promos for the coming “Power Radio.” The tape was recorded at night far from Cleveland and you will also hear bits from WABC ( New York) and WCFL ( Chicago) near the end of the clip. There’s no audio on the clip of the launch of the Drake type “Power Radio” as that was in the afternoon and out of range during day time. There are recordings on the net which feature the actual launch.

Audio Alert: parts of the recording are rough.

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