WKNR AM 1968 Countdown & WKNR FM Free Form April 1969

A great twin slice of Detroit radio from 1968 and 1969. WKNR AM and FM.

The first clip is from the progressive free form format of Dearborn Michigan’s WKNR FM from April 27 1969. WKNR was one of three area commercial “underground” stations at the time. The others being WABX FM and the automated ABC “Love” formatted WXYZ FM. The air check is an excellent example of the diversity of the genre bending “progressive” format. One of the DJ’s heard is Martin Bell.

The second clip is from the AM side of the dial and features the top 113 songs from 1968.  The “Keener 13”  air check is from late Dec/1968. I have tape of the entire countdown and this portion is from songs 113 to 77.  Sadly one song is missing from the countdown, Fever Tree’s San Francisco Girls. Not sure how that omission occurred. Top 40 radio was at it’s peak and some great songs are heard.  The countdown chart is pictured below. The DJ featured is Dan Henderson.

I have additional tape from both WKNR AM and FM and watch this space for more great Detroit city rock and folk and blues.


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