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Listen & Win !

Get The Connection


This is the latest contest for your chance to win a Tim Horton’s or Starbucks gift certificate valued at $ 10.00.

There are eight musical selections and there’s a connection from one track to the next. Your mission is to list all eight artists and also guess what the connection is from track to track.

The first person with the correct answers wins. Contest will be up for about one week. Gift certificates are purchased in Canada but I can look into US redemption if I get a stateside winner. World at large sorry but you are welcome to play for bragging rights.

Email your answers to or leave them in the comments section but I won’t publish those until the contest is closed. Members o the SOWNY Board  can send me a private message there.

A goblin’s added a ninth track but there’s no apparent connection to the eight and it’s just the first track repeated. Maybe you can come up with a connection for bonus points.

Good luck and have fun. Congrats again to the “Original Hank for winning the last contest.

Contest Rules

Anyone is welcome to play but gift certificates used for prizes may be redeemable only in Canada.

Delivery of prizes will be by regular mail and delivery as good as our postal services.


$ as Marketing Click/Win !


Ah Ha Got You !

Please do stick around for a bit while you are here.

Click to listen and win.

I would be thrilled if you partake in this little contest. Identity all the artists in the musical clip above.  I held the same contest at work last spring. The clip consists of the names of some peers at work .

I’ll leave the contest open for a week and the person with the most correct answers will win a $ 10.00 gift card to Starbucks or Tim Horton’s ( Canada).

This contest is now closed winner was The Original Hank from Toronto. Your gift card will be our shortly Hank. A high profile Toronto personality came close and left me answers in the comments section.  A new contest will be posted soon.

Email your answer to and let’s proceed to the name game.

Elevator Pitches


Elevator Pitches Podcast  Link:


There’s a wonderful and fascinating  show on CBC radio one called “Under The Influence” hosted by Terry O’Reilly which should be appointment listening for anyone connected to Marketing either directly or indirectly. He’s a captivating host with a style and delivery that keeps the listener engaged. There’s also learning involved and it’s tuition free.

Recent topics have ranged from the evolution of marketing in music to Customer Service as a key  marketing tool.

Last week’s show was about “Elevator Pitches”.  These are compelling pitches that one can use to sell themselves or their ideas in the space of time that it takes to go from one floor to the next on an elevator. O’Reilly sums up the concept as:

“Distilling a selling idea down to a few words is the ultimate test: If it can be encapsulated in one compelling sentence, it’s strong. If it can’t be, the idea is probably fuzzy”

The show begins with the example of one of the most famous Elevator Pitches. One that Steve Jobs used early on to woo a top executive from a corporate powerhouse to join Apple. This was the pitch:

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?”

Learn more about this as well as some of the other most effective elevator pitches and have a look and listen to the other show podcasts to broaden your marketing acumen:

Under The Influence show Link.  Don’t have time to listen read the transcripts.