KNUS FM Dallas 1969

Interesting content from one of the early Dallas Texas free form stations, KNUS FM, from the summer of 1969. This is an in tact air check only for 11 minutes at the beginning of the first clip but there are snippets of DJ patter interspersed throughout plus  a nice station ID at 45:19 of the second clip. Also notable is the ad for early Texas outlaw country act Frummox heard at 10:07 of the first clip.

The musical content is varied and indicative of a wide open free form musical policy. Some of the music played is outlined below and that musical diversity is the highlight of this tape:

Grand Funk, Melanie. The Youngbloods, Buffalo Springfield, The Nice, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Tony Joe White, Zephyr, Jethro Tull, John Stewart, Pink Floyd, Vanilla Fudge,The Moody Blues,  Roxy ( Bob Segarini’s second recording group, actually heard twice), Laura Nyro, The Rotary Connection, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Ruth White, Frank Zappa, Ten Wheel Drive and more.


Alison Steele – The Nightbird WNEW FM 1972 & 75

Vintage WNEW and Alison Steele from the prime years of commercial free form radio in New York. The first clip is from September 6, 1972 and the second from July 11, 1975.

The music is fantastic as Alison plays King Crimson, The Nice , The Moody Blues and more.

Still more to come on the site from the great WNEW in the future.

Byrds and Related Show Early 1990’s

This is a show that I may have recorded in 1991 or 1992. I don’t know the original source. The segment includes songs and/or interviews with Chris Hillman and The Desert Rose Band, Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Tom Petty.

The second clip is the same show but in nominal stereo. The stereo signal keeps dropping at intervals with a decrease in volume at the same time.

Q107, CHUM, CKFM, CFRB & CHFI Toronto

I recently came across a recording of Q 107’s Rock Report taped in 1995 and that led me to a Rock Report tape made in 1996 which was on a  broken cassette  I had repaired but the contact  was off and I went back and properly fixed the tape and now the recording sounds much better  than my original upload of it. I present it here along with other Toronto radio as noted below:

Clip One- Q 107 Six O-Clock Rock Report from Oct 1996 with Joey Vendetta, Steve Warden, and Rory O’Shea. Features short interviews with Ray Davies of the Kinks and Universal Honey.

Clip Two – Mix 99.9 ( CKFM) with Punch Andrews (1996) from the same tape as the above clip.

Clip Three – Russ McLeod and a call from my niece on 1050 CHUM and The Six O -Clock Rock Report on Q 107 from 1995 featuring Joey Vendetta and Steve Warden.

Clip Four – Very brief segment from Roger Ashby  on CHUM FM plus CFRB radio featuring mostly Mike Stafford from 2000.

Clip Five – Former CHOM FM, CFNY FM and CHUM FM alumni Terry McElligot on  CHFI FM from the late 1980’s. Terry can currently be heard on Jazz FM in Toronto.

Clip Six – A brief newscast featuring Prior Smith on CKFM from Sept 8 , 1972.

Oklahoma Top 40 from May 1969

Have a listen to some interesting top 40 radio from the state of Oklahoma, just added to radio miscellany

Encore – CFNY FM Toronto, WUWU FM Buffalo and More

There’s a reel to reel tape I recorded in in 1982 and 1983 that I keep coming back to because it has a over six hours of radio but the quality on some segments of the tape is quite low. I have updated the recordings again and have not touched the original source and only added some additional volume and noise reduction.

Although the vast majority of this tape has been presented before here it is again all on one post.

Clip 1 –  Gary Storm on WUWU, Buffalo NY, doing a day time shift as opposed to his all night Oil of Dog from 1982

Clip 2- Jim Reid on CFNY from 1983 interviewing Sparks.

Clip 3 – Jim Santella on WUWU during the summer of 1983. Clip also has some dial twisting, a a bit of Rick Ringer from CHUM FM and James Scott from CFNY.

Clip 4 – The Import Export show on WCMF FM, Rochester, NY which featured non mainstream and alternative rock.  Some of the American garage rock featured here did not get much exposure elsewhere in the area except  for WUWU.  A bit of mainstream rock on WCMF and 97 Rock from Buffalo and a segment featuring Jeff Gordon on WUWU FM and good to hear that comedy cuts were still being incorporated into a regular set. All from 1983.

Clip 5 – James Braun and Shakin Smith on WUWU

Clip 6. – The Live Earl Jive on CFNY, some dial twisting, a bit of WUWU, a small section of the Rock-line program recorded off 97 Rock, A bit from Daddy Cool on CFNY.  A DJ on WCMF debuting the CD’format and Ron Bruchal on CFNY

Clip 7 – Ron Bruchal, Jim Bauer, Jim Reid and James Scott on CFNY FM. There’s a psychedelic/ progressive rock segment in the middle without a DJ and I think it must have been recorded off WUWU.

WQBK FM Oct 18, 1976 Part Four

Final installment of the WQBK upload. This one is heavily Jazz tinged. The free form gets stretched out as the night proceeds.   A whole side of a Keith Jarrett album is featured. My favorite cut played  is Icarus by the Paul Winter Consort which was a favorite for the CHUM FM DJ’s during the 1970’s.



The Eclectic WBCN FM Boston 1971

More great audio from the exceptional free form WBCN FM and DJ Charles Laquidara from mid January 1971. You will hear rock bookended by Jazz and Classical. Some nice ads including one one for Capricorn records  country rock act Cowboy. The label was distributed by ATCO .

Free Form  radio at it’s early 1970’s best !


WCBS FM Feb 1974 Bill Brown & Bill Winters

Have a listen to a long and early slice of WCBS FM’s Oldies format in the Radio Miscellany section of the site.

Toronto’s Q 107 & 1050 CHUM

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the day 1050 CHUM switched to  top 40 Rock and May 22 was the 40th anniversary of the launch of Q 107 FM in Toronto.  Here’s some audio celebrating both stations.

The first clip is from Q 107 from August 1982 and it is the prequel to audio that I uploaded earlier from the station. I believe the DJ is Eric Westin but he does not say his name.

The second clip consists of radio contests and features 1050 CHUM alumni Tom Rivers ( May 1, 1995) and Terry Steele ( July 28,1993) on Toronto station Z 97.3. Plus Bob Magee on 1050 CHUM ( July 29, 1993) and Al Joynes on Q 107 ( March 6, 1993).

The third clip is a tribute to 1050 CHUM that I recorded on my cell phone on July 15, 2015. This was a mystery broadcast. I was off site, attending a work conference, and I heard all this old CHUM audio as I was twisting the radio dial.  I was coming home in the car and the only way I could record was on my cell phone. I was seriously thinking of going back with a cassette player and getting a better quality recording but had family commitments. This was a very low power broadcast and it died out as I was driving home.

Listen for former CHUM FM and CFNY legend David Marsden near the beginning of the clip. Quality is as to be expected on such a recording but I did enhance the tracks that were played in full.

The fourth clip is mostly a repeat of the cell phone recording but it has a bit of content which is not on the third clip and parts are a little cleaner.

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