Encore – CFNY FM Toronto, WUWU FM Buffalo and More

There’s a reel to reel tape I recorded in in 1982 and 1983 that I keep coming back to because it has a over six hours of radio but the quality on some segments of the tape is quite low. I have updated the recordings again and have not touched the original source and only added some additional volume and noise reduction.

Although the vast majority of this tape has been presented before here it is again all on one post.

Clip 1 –  Gary Storm on WUWU, Buffalo NY, doing a day time shift as opposed to his all night Oil of Dog from 1982

Clip 2- Jim Reid on CFNY from 1983 interviewing Sparks.

Clip 3 – Jim Santella on WUWU during the summer of 1983. Clip also has some dial twisting, a a bit of Rick Ringer from CHUM FM and James Scott from CFNY.

Clip 4 – The Import Export show on WCMF FM, Rochester, NY which featured non mainstream and alternative rock.  Some of the American garage rock featured here did not get much exposure elsewhere in the area except  for WUWU.  A bit of mainstream rock on WCMF and 97 Rock from Buffalo and a segment featuring Jeff Gordon on WUWU FM and good to hear that comedy cuts were still being incorporated into a regular set. All from 1983.

Clip 5 – James Braun and Shakin Smith on WUWU

Clip 6. – The Live Earl Jive on CFNY, some dial twisting, a bit of WUWU, a small section of the Rock-line program recorded off 97 Rock, A bit from Daddy Cool on CFNY.  A DJ on WCMF debuting the CD’format and Ron Bruchal on CFNY

Clip 7 – Ron Bruchal, Jim Bauer, Jim Reid and James Scott on CFNY FM. There’s a psychedelic/ progressive rock segment in the middle without a DJ and I think it must have been recorded off WUWU.

WQBK FM Oct 18, 1976 Part Four

Final installment of the WQBK upload. This one is heavily Jazz tinged. The free form gets stretched out as the night proceeds.   A whole side of a Keith Jarrett album is featured. My favorite cut played  is Icarus by the Paul Winter Consort which was a favorite for the CHUM FM DJ’s during the 1970’s.



WNEW FM Rain-forest Benefit 1988 and Some 1978 ADS

The first clip is from 1988 and includes some content from the  the Grateful Dead Rain-forest benefit. The clip does not include any part of the actual concert but has some music played by DJ Harris Allen. There is also a short interview with Hall and Oates conducted by Pat St John. The duo played at the benefit.

The second clip consists of mostly ads recorded during  the airing of a Dead concert  and a Who special in 1978 . You will hear Richard Neer, Alison Steele and also Al Bernstein near the end playing the Eagles Hotel California.



Early San Francisco Audio and More

The above is not an air check but does have some radio content. From an interesting reel to reel tape I found that may have been a pre-edit for an actual radio program. Below is the sheet that I found with the tape. I have omitted most of the Stones and Dylan content. The air checks on this site are exclusive but as this is not an air check some of this material is available elsewhere.

The tape features early Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and others.  Also  counter culture luminaries such as Paul Krassner, Neal Cassady and Ralph J Gleason can be heard. DJ’s Tom Donahue and Larry Miller from the legendary KSAN are referenced below and can be heard briefly on the clip.

Note – I have more info about the clip courtesy of jmcinnis and chicofishead at the Steve Hoffman Forum :

This is a portion from ‘What Was That or Suddenly Lost Summer 1966-1976’ special broadcast over two days by KSAN San Francisco in 1976. A retrospective look at the decade with music & interviews. This looks to be production notes?

WQBK FM Oct 18, 1976 Part Three

Going deeper into the night with Gary Santucci on Albany NY’s free form WQBK FM. The eclecticism of the format still apparent on this air check as more and more FM stations on the continent were tightening their playlists. I still have more of this night to upload in the future.

Note: Parts one and two of this broadcast were in stereo but this is mono.

WBBF, WCMF and More-Rochester NY Radio

I have a an interesting lot of tapes  which seem to have been made by recording from microphone to radio and not direct via patch cords. The quality is not great.  They include some content from WBBF AM which was Rochester NY’s first and most successful Top 40 station. The first clip includes that and may have been recorded in  late 1963 and early 1964. The DJ patter is short but the highlight is the intro to the Trashmen’s Surfin Bird.

The first clip also has a few ads recorded in 1972 during the airing of a Beatles special in 1972 on WAXC AM.  The station went onto competition with WBBF as a top 40 outlet in 1972. The special was produced by CHUM radio in Toronto and you can hear the CHUM production credit near the end of the clip.

The second clip consists of ads and other content that was recorded during the airing of a BBC Beatles special in  April 1973 on WCMF FM. WCMF at the time was a free form station that I would tune into when I could get it in Toronto. The clip includes a few different versions of ads for a Frank Zappa and John McLaughlin concert and a Ten Years After, Strawbs and Eagles show. There’s also stereo store ads and a PSA for the Wounded Knee reservation plus some other WCMF content about the Beatles special.  The CMF DJ sounds like Buffalo and Rochester radio legend “Unkle”  Roger. The only thing I have copied from the Beatles special is a Murray the K intro to the Beatles song Happy to Dance With You and a part of a WABC jingle.

WCMF was a wonderful station during the free form era and it’s the first station I heard Lothar and The Hand People and I think it may have been the only station I heard that group other than perhaps  WZIR and WUWU from Buffalo. The third clip has CMF during the tail end of the free form years in 1975. I recorded this myself and have uploaded it previously. Musical highlight for me is near the end when The Beach Boys free form era classic Feel Flows is played. The DJ on the clip is Bernie Kimblel I believe.

Corrections and input welcome.


KOME FM San Jose 1977

These air checks were contributed to the web site by Terry Alexander. He transferred them himself from a reel to reel tape  and it’s a great quality transfer,

The air checks are from 1977 and  like the 1979 air checks from KOME on the site, they also feature music from the “Johnson Years.” Music from when LBJ was president . The clip features a great set of music which includes free form era favorites as well as some Top 40 nuggets. Great to here less known San Francisco bands such as the Vejtables. The DJ featured on the air checks is Jona Denz-Hamilton who still works in the San Jose area on KBAY FM.

Thank you Terry for these excellent recordings and I have  more tape from the set to upload in the future.




Los Angeles Triple Play

Here is more from KPPC FM, KMET FM and KROQ. The three stations were an important part of the free form and alternative broadcast history of Los Angeles and California.

In a sense the clips chart the history of free form in the city.  KPPC FM was the first major free form outlet in the area and then the mantle was passed to KMET.  K Rock or KROQ  became one of the premiere alternative rock stations on the continent but at the beginning they had the attitude and a free form ethos which is evident on this clip featuring Jimmy Rabbit from November 1976.

Cosmos is the DJ on the KPPC clip from September 1971 and B Mitchell Reed is heard once again on on KMET from June 11, 1975. I have more to upload from these great stations in the future.



Scott Muni WNEW FM Nov. 4, 1980

Scott Muni was on New York radio for almost 50 years. He began as a Top 40 DJ and in 1966 he became a radio pioneer at proto free form WOR FM in New York. He moved to WNEW in late 1967 and and the station became the first real progressive station in the city and one of the earliest in the country.

This air check is from Nov 4 1980 election day. The station by that time was starting to move to a more conventional AOR format but could still be counted on for some element of musical diversity and surprise as you will hear on this.

I still have a second part of this broadcast to upload in the future plus more including a clip from the vintage free form era. WNEW was an important part of the NY rock ‘n roll scene and you get a glimpse of that in these air checks.



Pete Mackay Oldies KPBI FM 1981 & Dennis Elliot WPEZ 1976 Countdown

Listen to both clips in the Radio Miscellany section of the site.